photo credit: AP/Adel Hama

photo credit: AP/Adel Hama


The coverup of terrorist attacks in Israel has become widespread and common practice in the news media today. We hardly hear anything about them at all, and when we do they are given a few moments of minor, news coverage. March 12th’s, 2014, multiple rocket attacks on the Gaza Strip, into southern Israel, got only a few mentions on the major news networks.

The failure to report the escalating tensions between Israel and the Islamic Jihad only proves how the news agencies have attempted to marginalize Israel’s, military and strategic importance in the Middle East. They seem to be more intent on portraying The Palestinian Authority as an oppressed nation rather than an organization that thrives on terrorism.

What does it take for the news media to recognize this? It seems that only when Israel exercises its right to protect itself and hits back at its attackers that the news organizations take notice and admits there is a problem.

The current, White House Administration’s failed, foreign policy towards Israel, who is our closest ally, has only compounded the problem. When we ignore our closest and most important ally, and spend too much time trying to appease its enemies does an unfair balance of accountability ensue.

This continuing biased reporting from the major news networks is why some of their top journalists are beginning to jump ship. Ignoring who is the root of the problem, and concentrating on who sniffles the most is why the mainstream media has become a camouflage for Islamic Jihad’s, terroristic aggression.

Only when the news media stops handing out pity awards to terrorists and the nations who support them will the violence end.

Joseph E. Rathjen is a book author and Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine

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5 thoughts on “The News Media Blackout Of Terror Attacks In Israel Invites Aggression

  1. I was wondering when someone with some (no offense because I believe you have much) intelligence would finally write a candid and frank article or piece of this topic! Glad that it was you – your voice speaks well.

      • Well I’m glad that you have the words and capabilities to get it out there – because God knows I’ve been thinking along similar lines for years – but my voice isn’t yours – and well, I think your delivery system is more effective. 🙂

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