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Would you like an easy, irresistible way to attract blog traffic?

Then you’re going to love this guest post by Joseph Rathjen.

Joseph conducted a very interesting interview with Miriam Y. Vega, Psychologist and Ph.D. on the fascinating topic of using your reader’s irresistibility for getting blog traffic.

That’s right. By understanding what is irresistible to your reader you can cleverly and easily attract them to your blog.

Here’s how it works.

Take it away Joseph…

Guest Post By Joseph Rathjen

As bloggers, we sometimes have to think “out of the box” if we want to attract more blog traffic.

Although there are many tips and techniques available for creating great headlines, we sometimes fail to use the most available tool we have at our disposal – an understanding of a reader’s natural, irresistibility to click on a link.

How do we know what that irresistibility is?

Unfortunately, we do not, but by having a specific, psychological understanding of how the brain works, we can target specific behavioral instincts that will trigger a reader’s positive response.

For example, we can do this by incorporating song titles and song lyrics into headlines and posts, or as a psychologist would say – tapping the brain with familiarity.

To learn more about this fascinating topic, I sat down with Psychologist, Miriam Vega, PhD, (who is a United Nations Representative at the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues) who explained to me in an interview how this brain process works.

Using Song Titles and Lyrics to Attract More Blog Traffic!

Miriam said,

“Based on classical psychological principles, song titles, song lyrics and references to familiar songs in headlines or the text can elicit arousal, thereby increasing attention to the particular stimuli (the headline) and presumably drawing the reader into an article or website.”

“Miriam, now that we know how the familiarity factor initiates arousal, how does it cause the reader to click on one specific link before another?” I asked.

She explained the process to me further, “Music lyrics are more cognitively accessible since they have so many additional cues to associate with them, like tunes, or perhaps movements like dancing than an unfamiliar string of words would. This means they are more readily available in memory for retrieval when faced with an inclination towards quick judgments, such as which link to click on a webpage.”

Now my interest was peaking.

“You mean we sometimes search our memory to select which link to click on?”

“Yes, sometimes when we are faced with a lot of information, or which links to choose from, familiarity effects and memory become important determiners of where our attention directs. When we see something we know, our experienced “happy trigger finger,” which has been cultivated through years of sifting through links, will quickly examine preferences based on quick cognitive calculations.”

“So, is that the same like when we are driving in our cars and scanning the radio stations looking for a song we like to listen to?”

“Exactly, even though we are scanning through one category, like music selections, as opposed to web links, one song that resides in our memory will cause us to stop scanning and select that song.”

So how can we use this understanding of the brain to create irresistible headlines and posts, and convince our reader to click on our link and read our content to the very end?

The answer is very simple.

1. Start With The Topic. For instance, if you are writing a blog post on “self-improvement” you can pick a song title that fits the topic. For example, The Greatest Love of All, by Whitney Houston. People who love that song will find the mention of it irresistible through familiarity.

2. Incorporate The Song Title Into The Headline.  For example: “How To Find The Greatest Love Of All Inside Yourself.” Notice how the song title becomes part of the headline.

The “How To” lead which is one of the best headline techniques, for articles and posts, begins the attraction to the headline which then leads to the song title itself. The song title invokes a pleasurable experience or memory for the reader, which in turn sets the link apart from any others and making it irresistible to click on, and a one-two punch for knocking out the other choices.

Miriam Vega went on to say,

“The more times you are exposed to something, like a song, the more positively you think of it in relation to other similar stimuli, creating what is called a “memory trace’ that can obviously affect consumer behavior.”

She also said, “Marketing and brand researchers have noted “consumers attitudes are influenced by the favorableness of information available in memory at the time of judgment”, quoting Keller, 1987, “and in judging whether to click on one headline or another. The familiarity of a song title may be enough to tip the balance.”

Using song titles in headlines is not the only trick we can use to attract more followers.

Using song lyrics to lure a reader throughout a blog post can also be helpful. Strategically placing song lyrics at the beginning of a post or between paragraphs can convince the reader to keep on reading.

For a good example, here’s my own blog post where I incorporated the method of using song lyrics.

There are hundreds of thousands of song titles that can be used as headlines, or parts of headlines, to use this method of drawing readers into blog posts and articles. One only needs to search the web to find them.

Are you writing articles or posts about horses? If you are writing about horses then type into Google Search “songs about horses.” You will immediately find dozens of song titles and lyrics about horses that you can use in your headlines and posts.

Sometimes, thinking out of the box is what will separate your headlines and links from all the others, and make your reader’s experience a more pleasurable one, and keep them coming back for more.

Thank you both Joseph and Miriam for these insightful ways to attract blog traffic that are not only irresistible, it’s easy!


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer, book author, blogger and Opinion Writer at 1World Online. His blog is at http://www.josephrathjen.wordpress.com. (The Political and Social Chaos Blog)

Special thanks to Miriam Y. Vega, Ph.D., who is also the Vice President of the Latino Commission on Aids and a United Nations Representative at the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. You can find Miriam’s blog is at http://www.psychologistmimi.com.


For more great tips on blogging and attracting readers go to: Make A Living Writing


8 thoughts on “An Easy Yet Irresistible Way To Attract Blog Traffic

  1. What a good post! I can see the logic and how it works but I guess the best are the songs that hit the Top 40 charts at one time or another in one’s life or are classics that even birds on trees sing 😀

  2. Absolutely fascinating and interesting. Mind triggers – who would have thought – definitely a “thinking laterally” proposition. Great article. Definitely a keeper!

      • Absolutely – definitely worth considering since I’m right in the “thick of things” – so many possibilities – so little time 😉

        But that’s where planning, goals and priorities set in 🙂

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