teenage suing parents


The social progressive movement for entitlement benefits is shape-shifting its way into the family home, and the blood-sucking lawyers are helping it along. Teenagers who are not happy with their parents’ rules (like Rachel Canning) are hiring lawyers to sue their parents and create a dangerous, and legal precedence for sucking the pennies out of every parents’ pockets.

It is time to stop it now – before it spreads through every household like a contagious rash.

When 18-year-old, Rachel Canning, and her lawyer brought a support-suit against Rachel’s parents, they began an attack on every parent with a teenage child 18-years or older. They also set forth a legal challenge to destroy a parent’s right to make the rules in their own home.

It is not only obnoxious; it is totally irresponsible and a clever way for opponents of family values to decimate the meaning of the traditional, family way of life.

Parents should have the right to set the rules for any child living in their home, period, and especially when they are footing the bill. If the child does not like the rules, the child can put on their walking shoes and seek handouts elsewhere.

Following rules is a part of maturing and showing respect and love for the people who have nurtured and supported you from the day you were born.

Hiring a lawyer, sucking off another family and embarrassing your parents with a frivolous, lawsuit in front of the whole country is not the way to show how thankful you are.

Let’s hope the judge sees through this selfish, travesty and rules accordingly.

The rights of every parent and the American, family way of life hangs in the balance.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a book author, columnist and an Opinion Writer for 1World Online.

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8 thoughts on “Teenager’s Support Lawsuit Attacks Every Parents Rights!

  1. I have difficulties understanding how such a thing can end up in court. It sounds terrible that children take their parents to court because they don’t act as the teenager would like them to. If there are severe conflicts within a family, there should be therapeutical help or mediation, but not lawyers and courts!

    • I agree, trina. Interesting how she put up a Facebook Page and is looking for donations. I think this girl is an operator and was pissed she wasn’t given wads of cash to party with.

      • It’s sad when money becomes more important than values. Teaching your children values is maybe one of the biggest challenge of our time, isn’t it.

  2. I’m amazed that any court would even consider this seriously! I don’t understand what the girl thinks her parents OWE her at this point. IMHO shes damn lucky her parents haven’t thrown her out in the street and disowned her.

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