For The Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

“The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry.”

Sometimes the ambitious and grandiose plans for our future suddenly come to a screeching halt.  Some people say that is because we have brought bad “karma” upon ourselves. Others call it destiny. However you look at it, though, one thing is certain – if you want to be great or experience positive things you must have great or “positive” thoughts. It is important to remember that for every action there is a reaction – so plan accordingly and learn the basics of how to create good karma for yourself.

For instance:


If you want to have pizza for dinner tonight you should think and talk about pizza all day. Tell all the members of your family how badly you are craving pizza. They will get so sick of hearing it and begin to crave it themselves that they will assuredly cave in to your repetitive whining. Pizza will surely be delivered to your door that evening. That’s Good Karma!

pizza delivery



Besides making a pest of yourself, there are other ways to create good karma. One of the most common ones (according to Buddhism) is to use a prayer wheel. Prayer wheels are long, cylindrical wheels made up of tightly rolled sheets of paper called mantras.


You can make your own mantra sheets out of anything. For example, if you want to pray for the demise of your spouse, ex-spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, tightly wrap photos of them around a prayer wheel. Spin it while chanting the words, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…since I despise you, into the ground you must!”



Another way to create good karma is to remove the negative karma around you. You can do this by chanting a mantra. A mantra is a prayer that is repeated over and over.

mantra image

You can make up your own mantra and impose it onto a rug or piece of cloth and hang it on a wall. Then you can stare at it and repeat the words over and over.

For example, if you bring your car into an auto shop for repairs, you can pray that the cost will be inexpensive by chanting your mantra prayer repeatedly throughout the day. It could be something like this:

“Oh mighty car God…do unto me a cheap auto repair…make it cost not more than I can afford and allow me to go out for dinner and some drinks this Saturday night with my friends.”

Sometimes our cars can use a bit of good karma also.


4. Create A Mani Stone.

Mani stones are rocks that have been in water for over a hundred years and are smoothed over. Usually they have holy, Buddhist prayers or mantras written on them. You can write your own prayers on rocks or stones to bring you good merit or luck. By placing them in front of your home or in your yard great things may follow you and bad things may stay away.

mani stone

For example: Write a prayer like this one on a rock and put it in front of your mailbox.

“May the deliverer of bad news, high bills and anxiety be cast into a wormhole of endless suffering and pain for eternity!”

Your mailman may think twice about delivering bad news to your mailbox ever again.

Although these are humorous exercises one can do to promote good karma and prevent bad karma, their principles are sure-fire ways that have been tried and tested for centuries. The Buddhists seem to know a lot about karma and practice it as part of their religion on a daily basis. It is no wonder then that they all live such spiritual and peaceful lives.

No matter whether you believe in karma or not, one thing is certain – by thinking positively…you will surely make positive things happen in your life!

Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer, book author, columnist and an Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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