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French model, Sophie Thalmann, has been named “The Sexiest Model Alive” by Glam’mag this week. This has quickly led me to the delusion that if I learn the French language that I may be able to talk to her on Twitter. Of course, she speaks English too, but I think she probably would rather be wooed in the language of her own motherland.

Sounds crazy…right?

Of course, it is, but today’s Daily Prompt topic made me think about why I would want to learn another language. Is there a logical reason I need to learn a foreign language?

Well…maybe there is.

I’ve often been moved, or should I say “smitten” when I hear French women speak. I have no clue what they are saying, but I love it the way the syllables and vowels flow from their lips like a softly, cascading waterfall.

So magical, so sexy. I understand why the French people eat so much butter – that’s because the French women melt so much of it every time they speak.

It reminds me of that Spanish, sexy, female voice in the song, “Spill The Wine” by Eric Burton & War. Although she was speaking Spanish, I always imagined she was speaking French.

How silly of me…right?

Besides, how lucky could I be laying in a field of tall grass with the sun caressing my face, and then out of nowhere this beautiful, sexy, French girl comes along?

Hopefully, I have a bottle of wine at the time – because I’m not so sure my best pickup line would work on her. Sometimes, even a sexy, French girl in a field of tall grass needs a little coaxing along.

Do you know what I mean?

Although there may not be a practical reason for me to learn another language, it may be a good idea to have one as a backup for when a situation calls for one. I do not know how much Rosetta Stone costs, but at least I have two, different language translators on my iPhone.

I’ve been told that one cannot totally rely on those language translators because they do not always properly translate one language into another. They also, sometimes, totally change the meaning of what one is trying to say.

I can just imagine if I’m laying in a field of tall grass and I suddenly see a beautiful, sexy, French girl walking my way. I would have to fumble with my iPhone, tap my AT&T translator app, and then type in a good pickup line.

Something like this: “Hi there, would you like to have some wine with me in this field of tall grass?”

This is how it would come out: “Bonjour aimeriez-vous detenir certains vins avec moi dans un domaine de l’herbe grande?”

I do not know if that is right, but it might make me sound sexy, or get a quick, slap in the face.

Since I do not see myself laying in a field of tall grass with a sexy, French, girl coming along, I think I’ll forget about learning French and rely on the language I know best – in the unlikely event that it does happen.

“Hey lady…you wanna get drunk with me?”

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14 thoughts on “How Speaking French Could Make You Sexy!

  1. LOL – it is not always done with the language. Je parle francais but it has not really done much for me otherwise. The translation systems are ok on the computer and telephone, but it is better when you have a little knowledge of the languages. The best translator I know is LEO. I use it quite a lot when writing as often only the german word comes to my mind.

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  8. Multiple languages are a blessing – in my opinion, but I’m biased.

    Lol – love the translation – which was so not on the mark – but it brought the point home well.

    Lol – always go with what you know – love the last phrase of the piece 😉

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