When Whitney Houston released her 1986 smash hit single the “Greatest Love Of All,” it became an instant sensation. Originally written by Linda Creed about her battle with breast cancer, Houston’s recording quickly became the number one theme song on the subject of personal, self-improvement. It also became for many, the definitive guide on how to live life with a new-found respect for one’s self.

Finding the greatest love of all in one’s self may seem like a strange concept to some people, but for others, it is the only way they have found to achieve a lifetime of happiness and inner-peace.

So how does one find the greatest love of all that lies deep down inside them?

The answer may not be as complicated as one may think. Once people learn how to filter out all the negativity that society has bestowed upon them, the rest comes naturally.

Going Back To The Basics

When we were all born, we possessed the innocence and chastity of a guilt-free existence. Our earliest days were dominated with learning experiences. The world was a wondrous and curious place. We had no guilt, no resentments, no boundaries and that purity allowed us to thrive without doubt or fear. That pureness given to us at birth allowed us to view life in a more optimistic way.

So what happened?

Life became more confusing, and it also became more complex. Curiosity was overwrought with conditioning as we began to learn how to evolve within the way the world thought we should evolve. This brought upon us conflict within our own, natural instincts. The world was no longer a happy and joyful place. It had become, sadly, a place full of rules and consequences.

Therefore, we began to feel pain – and emotional instability. This caused us to revolt and fight back at the world we had grown to love. The sky did not seem as blue anymore, and the grass quickly turned an ominous shade of green.

Anger, disappointment, resentment and fear took hold of us, and it continued to grow for the rest of our lives – and because of this, life had begun to lose its appeal.

How To Take It All Back

Would it be nice if you could go back to the beginning and get back all that innocence and purity, and rescue your mind and free yourself from the emotional and spiritual restraints that life has bestowed upon you?

There is a way. I know there is, because it exists and I’m going to show you how you can find it and use it to free your mind and take control of your life. You  can find that inner peace you have been searching for. It is not hard, it costs nothing and you can do it all in five easy steps.

Here’s how:

1. Lose Your Resentments. Many of us carry around a lifetime of resentments. Whether it is a traumatic experience from our childhood or something in our present life, resentments hold us back and make it impossible to move ahead emotionally. By targeting and eradicating our most powerful resentments we release all the negative emotions that have strangled us and held us back.

2. Remove Negativity.  Are there people in your life who make you miserable, are constantly putting you down and making you feel useless? Some people thrive off of other people’s low, self-esteem. They target it and help to make it grow. Don’t let them. If this thought brings to mind a person who exists in your present-day life – remove them immediately. They are the poison that is corrupting your emotional stability and preventing you from growing.

3. Eradicate Fears And Doubts. Many fears and doubts come from poor confidence. To be successful, you have to think successfull. Positive thoughts bring positive results. Create a confidence-booster for yourself. It can be as easy as saying a simple phrase like “I have the power to become what I want to be.”

4. Have A Thought – Move A Muscle. Our brains work like supercomputers. It is constantly storing and analyzing data and providing a solution. Does the word “Idea” come to mind? That is your brain’s way of telling you it has solved a puzzle that has been toiling around in your mind forever. Listen to it and get moving.

5. Forgive Yourself And Move On. We all harbor guilt. Some of it is deserved and some of it is unjustly forced upon us. None of it is that great that we must live the rest of our lives seeking redemption. If you can find forgiveness in your heart for others – then surely you can find it for yourself.

These five suggestions may not seem like earth-shattering prophecies, but they are considered to be – by most psychologists – some of the most powerful ways to achieving inner-peace and tranquility. If even just one of them caught your attention, then you may know where your problem lies and where to begin.

To be happy you need to be willing to take the necessary steps to improve your life. Standing by and depending on others to do it for you will be useless. You will undoubtedly get nowhere.

Take control…and find the greatest love of all that lays inside you.

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Research Engine.

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11 thoughts on “How To Find The “Greatest Love Of All” Inside Yourself!

  1. The first step, to release resentment, can have a snowball effect…We have often heard “follow the path of least resistance” but I think you have something in, “eradicating our most powerful resentments”. Maybe there is no visible path of least resistance until we do step one.

  2. Great great post.

    I *always* seem to find the *right* thing at the correct moment lately – and this is definitely ranking so high on the list – so thanks. Just what I needed to re-affirm on my new year-long birthday celebration of me 🙂

  3. Heart warming. Just brilliant. Agree with Peggy Smith on the power of releasing resentment. Number 4 is inspirational and I have never read that before. Suddenly my ideas are a lot more important to me!! Thanks for this. I ail definitely be back to re-read.

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