chris christie laughing

In the tradition of  Watergate, we now have another major, political scandal of epic proportions. Only this time it is not wiretaps, but rather emails. NJ Governor Chris Christie’s office-staff-emails instigating lane closures on the George Washington Bridge is the classic example of how political payback works.

Let it forever be known as, “TrafficGate.”

Here is how it works: You payback a political opponent by causing a major traffic problem in their district, city or town – then ignore and laugh at them when they ask for help.


As the game progresses, you watch and exchange mocking and ethnically charged, emails. It does not matter that thousands, and maybe even hundreds of thousands of people and businesses have their entire day ruined or that lives are at risk.

The only thing that matters is that you win the game and deny it all later.


Right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, for Gov. Christie and his staff, emails do not really go away…ever. It does not matter if you delete them, wipe them off your hard drive or even throw your Internet Service Provider in jail. They are still out there – somewhere, and someone will find them.

This has quickly become a huge problem for Governor Christie. After being glorified for the spectacular job he did during Hurricane Sandy, he is now relegated down from being one of the leading, presidential candidates to that of a corrupt, traffic cop.

It is quickly becoming Governor Christie’s Benghazi. No matter how much it is denied, no matter how many people are sacrificed to the wolves, one thing is certain – it will follow Governor Christie around for the next three-years like a whining, puppy dog pining for its momma.

“How low can you go?” asked Fort Lee’s Democratic mayor, Mark Sokolich, who the payback was aimed at. “This is insane. It’s the worst example of a petty political vendetta . . . I’m embarrassed. And congratulations, you’ve just made New Jersey the brunt of every political joke for the next 25 years — again.”

Like a rapidly, growing rash, the comedians are already weighing in. “Clearly, somebody is getting thrown under the bus here,” said The Daily Show’s, Jon Stewart. “Fortunately for them, the bus isn’t moving. It’s stuck in terrible traffic.”

How Governor Christie will get himself out of this fiasco remains to be seen. But in the tradition of Frank Sinatra’s classic words in the song “That’s Life” Governor Christie in the meantime is finding new meaning in the lyrics, “You’re riding high in April…Shot down in May.”

Good luck, Chris.

It looks like it’s going to be a very long and “traffic-clogged” road to the White House!

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.


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