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Nancy Grace recently told CNN’s host, Brooke Baldwin that, “Pot smokers are fat and lazy!” She also told Baldwin, “I have a feeling that you are pro-pot, and I don’t like it!”

Once again, Nancy Grace has put the “cart before the horse” and passed judgment on anyone who smokes pot recreationally or medicinally by sentencing them to a lifetime of obesity and laziness.

Should we be surprised?

Since the New Year’s Eve Ball dropped in Times Square, the legalizing of marijuana has become the number one political and legal issue across the country. Already Colorado has passed legislation legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Nineteen other states have already passed laws allowing its medicinal use. NY State has become the latest state to consider such a law.

When Nancy Grace says that pot smokers are fat and lazy, she is passing moral judgment on people that she has no personal knowledge of. Are we to believe that because a person smokes pot recreationally that they are a bunch of overweight, lazy couch potatoes? If that is true, then what does she say about anyone who drinks alcohol recreationally?

Are those people also fat and lazy?

Whether or not one is a supporter of legalizing recreational use of marijuana does not give one the right to pass moral judgment on anyone. The recreational and responsible use of any legal substance, like pot or alcohol, should not be a prerequisite for labeling anyone as fat and lazy.

It is an opinion born out of ignorance and bias and is an uneducated one.

I am not a pot smoker myself, but I feel that pot is no different from alcohol – if people use it responsibly and obey the law pertaining to its use then it should be legalized. There are far more drugs that are a lot more dangerous and have greater health effects than pot does.

Didn’t Carl Sagan say he was a pot smoker?


Joseph e. Rathjen is an Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.


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