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For the Daily Prompt: New School

You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?

A.P. Wire Transfer…

The year 2014 will bring exciting new changes in the public school education system. By placing in the background traditional curriculums that focus mainly on academic achievements, more influence will be placed on the school of “hard-knocks” theory or rather – “Here’s what you really need to know to get ahead in life.”

For too long, educators have filled students minds with biased information of what the social and business world is like. In addition, they have begun influencing students with controversial and mainstream political and social agendas that attempt to achieve a pre-selected outcome.

Thankfully, innovators at one school in the Midwest have developed an ingenious school program that offers more than strictly academic achievement. Although it pushes academic success, it also aligns that method with a course on how to use the skills given to them at birth called, “The Power To Control One’s Own Mind.”

Here are 7 of some of the courses that will be available to students at the new “Reality Horizons Public School” in the year 2014:

1. Your Mind Is A Powerful Weapon – Learn To Use It Properly. In this course students will learn how to differentiate from the obvious and from what is being taught to them. “If You See It Is It Really There?”

2. That’s Not What Mom And Dad Told Me. In this selective students will analyze why their parents have different views from what they are being taught in school. Students will be guided on how to understand and interpret each one and how to select the view that they feel is the most trustworthy or sensible. “Who’s Right And Who’s Wrong.”

3. Promises. Promises. Promises. Here, students will be taught to be on the lookout for “Promises With False Hopes.” They will learn to dig deeper and research what is available in the business and the social world. “Is it valid or is it a forced coercion?”

4. Is The Term “Go Along To Get Along A Sensible Approach? Social media and mainstream news reporting has a dramatic effect on young people today. In this course students will learn to understand the techniques and brainwashing methods used by all social and news media outlets and decide if they are subjective to them.

5. The Keys To Responsibility. Being responsible for one’s own financial, social and business status is key to developing a happy, healthy and successful life. Students will be taught that no one is responsible for their success or well-being (as adults) except themselves. This course covers understanding the most common and extenuating circumstances.

6. How To Think Ahead. We’ve all heard the cliche, “That’s because you did not think ahead!” In this course, students will be taught how to have a backup plan for when their delusions of stardom and fame fail to pan out. Encouragement is a wonderful teaching tool, but students need to understand the importance of alternatives.

7. Your Life Is Your Own, Not Someone Else’s. Identity. Students will be taught how important it is to define their own identity and decide who they are without outside influences. They will learn how everything they do, say, or feel and follow has a direct impact on who they are in life and how others view them.

The new school Reality Horizons offers other courses as well, but each course focuses on using the thoughts and interpretations of one’s own mind rather than that of others. It is a school based on reality, not preconceived notions and influences of how students should direct their lives.

It is a curriculum based in reality itself.

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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