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American Atheists paid, electronic billboard banner in Times Square attacking the “Christ” in Christmas, shows how deeply fearful the American Atheists are of religion, and specifically the Catholic religion. To blatantly promote removing the “Christ” in Christmas is a direct attack on Christianity and a true testament to how an atheist views religion and spirituality in general, which is – we should all be beholden only to the materialistic world.

Should we be surprised?

It is usually around this time that the anti-religion, hordes crawl out of their godless caverns and attack Baby Jesus, Santa Claus and any other symbol or mention of the Catholic holiday. It is as if an annoying and infectious rash grows on their behinds and itches so bad that they need to scratch it publicly and spread it around.

After all…misery loves company, right?

The American Atheist’s President, and proud, top slayer of religion, David Silverman, said on Sean Hannity’s Fox TV show recently, “Who needs the Christ in Christmas?” and that, “Religion is the negative force of the world.”

Silverman feels that he is the “anointed one” chosen to rescue and save all Christians from the demonic possession of Catholicism. He likens himself to that of Moses leading the Jews out of bondage. “Let my people go!” is Silverman’s motto.

“Christmas is better without religion,” Silverman told Hannity, “Going to church is not fun…nobody likes it.”

How would Silverman even know – since he has never actually been to one?

When Hannity asked Silverman if he feels that all Christians need Silverman to tell them this, his answer was, “Yes, they all need me to tell them this.”

It is sad to see a man who has such a deep hatred of Christmas promote himself on national TV as the official Ebenezer Scrooge. Is Silverman’s soul that blackened with hostility that he needs to project his hate on to a public billboard for young children to see?

What will Silverman and his followers do next, burn a Baby Jesus doll in front of a Catholic Church’s nativity scene?

Sean Hannity’s phrase directed toward Silverman which was “Something comes from nothing,” is similar to what the American Atheists policy teaches. On their website, they claim “…there is no supernatural interference in human life.” For the atheist, this includes all religions: Christianity, Judaism, Muslim and any other religion.

One thing Silverman does not comprehend, however, is that people who go to Church usually go there because they want to go. No religion is forcing them to exercise a faith or observe the rituals of one. People who support and live by a specific religion do so out of their own willingness, not a forced coercion like Silverman believes.

The separation of church and state is an ongoing battle that now has over 50-pending cases in the United States Supreme Court. The Affordable Care Act and the controversy of whether Catholic organizations should be forced to supply birth control to employees are at the forefront of those lawsuits.

Are any of the parties involved in those cases taking out full page newspapers ads or paying for propaganda billboards in the middle of Times Square to promote their causes?

Of course not, so then why is Silverman and the organization he commands attacking Christmas and God in such a shameless manner? Maybe it is not all about the separation of church and state like Silverman says it is.

Maybe Silverman sees himself as something more – as the self-proclaimed, Antichrist who will free the world of oppressiveness brought upon by the world’s religions.

No matter how Silverman sees himself – one thing is for certain – Santa Claus will not be stopping at his house this Christmas Eve…at least, not the real one.

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine, and a Columnist for WomanScope NewsMagazine.
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2 thoughts on “Atheist’s Anti-Christmas Billboard In Times Square Attacks Christianity!

  1. OK, I am an atheist, brought up with a little bit of religion, but over the years have made my own decision. I do not want to go into a detailed discussion. I just believe in a big portion of tolerance on every side. I grew up and went to a school in a large jewish community, lived two years with a muslim family in Switzerland and my family are sort of Swiss reform church, but not that it notices. I just cannot understand these so called atheists that like to wear it as a badge on their arm and want to change the world. Cannot we just let people believe what they want to? Waving to you from Switzerland.

    • Well said, Pat. Everyone does deserve to observe religion or not to have any religion at all. But that’s not an excuse to attack a religion publicly (like in Times Square) and especially during that religion’s biggest holiday. The billboard in Times Square was a blatant attempt to alienate Christians from their faith and make them believe that they are celebrating a holiday through a false God.

      Surely now they will attack all the articles and blog posts that say it was wrong. But isn’t that what they wanted?

      There intent was not to be able to celebrate a holiday in their own way, it was to destroy someone else’s.

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