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Once again the scourge of public opinion has unleashed a three-ring, media circus of a well-known celebrity. Fresh off the heels of the despicable, public lynching of Paula Deen, another cooking, Food Network star is about to go down in shame, and possibly have her entire reputation destroyed.

Why? Do we have no shame? Do the news media vultures and cable network executives have no skeletons in their closets? Are they as pure as a snowflake that they are ready to tar and feather another woman, and crucify her for doing something that lots of them have done themselves in the past?

Nigella Lawson admits she snorted some cocaine and maybe even more than a few times. According to two, former employees, though, who are charged with splurging on $1-million of expensive goodies for themselves – with her credit card – Nigella is a hopeless, drug addict.

How convenient – first the bilking and now the spinning. It is so easy to hire a lawyer and put someone else on trial to cover your own butt…isn’t it? What’s going to be next – some drug dealer is going to come forward and swear that he has been selling cocaine and pot to Lawson for years?

When Lawson divorced her husband over a photo that showed him choking her, he originally denied it and said he was checking her nose for cocaine. He later recanted, and said he made the story up to clear his name, and also because he was upset over the breakup.

Act Two: Two personal assistants get caught and use the cocaine story and say it was a payoff for keeping quiet about Lawson’s drug use. That is a very hefty payoff amount – even for Lawson and her estranged husband and a very convenient one.

One has to be blind not to see through this cleverly, crafted campaign designed to slander and ruin Lawson’s career. The best Hollywood screenwriter would be wrought with jealousy.

If ABC network executives are naive enough to fall for this rubbish, than they should seek out their next Food Network, cooking star in the British prisons. Maybe there they can find a good-looking, female, credit card thief who happens to be an excellent cook.

Obviously, ABC executives may be holding more stock in what a pair of fraudsters say than they do in their own beloved and respected, star – who has helped make them all comfortably rich. If they fire her, then that possibility will be proven to be true.

Accusations that are levied in another country’s court by a pair of moochers should not be used against Nigella Lawson. This is not a criminal case. Cocaine use by anyone is not admirable. Plus, there are plenty of other celebrities who have got away with much more without having their contracts cancelled.

Some have even used it to go on and become bigger stars.

Give Nigella the respect and the benefit of the doubt she deserves. Leave her just where she is on her show The Taste.

Hasn’t she already suffered enough?

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Media Research Engine.

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