Newly elected, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio – according to a NY Post article this morning – says that 4-year, college students should be put on welfare after completing college. He also thinks that, apparently, there are not enough NYer’s on food stamps and that there should be more. “Providing basic income and food security to all New Yorkers is a key responsibility of government,” De Blasio said in his mayoral campaign.

Cheers for De Blasio. He has now single-handedly beat out President Obama as the king and official spokesman for free-grubbing, entitlement benefits. College students will not have to worry if they do not feel like looking for a job – NYC will take care of them, and it is owed to them, De Blasio says.

Bill, does a free Cadillac come with that promise? After all, if you are going to make life comfortable for people why not go all the way. How about throwing in two, first class, airline tickets to Orlando, Florida’s, Disney World. The winters in NYC can be rough and not very good for your health. A free Carnival Cruise to Bermuda would be awesome too. I hear their tickets are pretty cheap right now. NY State can probably afford it, Bill…no?

Parents of college students in NYC must be seething at the moment. There is nothing like working endless hours, taking out loans or second mortgages to put your child through college. The purpose of that is so your brilliant child, upon graduating, can go out and look for a good-paying job – not stay home and mooch off you and go on welfare. Is that not what we try to teach them? Is that not that what college is for?

Staying home on welfare after graduating, is not a very good incentive for the future Einsteins of society, or anyone else for that matter, but Bill De Blasio thinks it is and is readily promoting it.

De Blasio feels that about 1.9-million people on food stamps in NYC, or roughly 21-percent of the city’s population is too low and should be increased by a quarter-million more.

That is interesting. This is the first time I ever heard of a government official and a big-city mayor giving a number for how many people should be on food stamps or welfare, and complaining that there is not enough. How does he come to those numbers?

Do not worry, Bill, we’re sure if you go out on to the NYC streets you will not have any problem finding a quarter-million more NYer’s to put on food stamps. Everybody loves free food.

According to the NY Post report, De Blasio also said that he will “stop efforts to divert individuals from accessing cash assistance.” Obviously, NYC has plenty of free cash to go around.

De Blasio also says that he thinks it is wrong to fingerprint food stamp applicants. He says that such a practice is “stigmatizing.” Here, on this one, he may have a point. Why should any food stamp applicant have to show hardcore proof who they are if they do not have to do that to vote? Right?

NYC can call their food stamp program AFSAP (Anonymous Food Stamp Applicants Program) They simply get a number and be on their merry way. No birth certificate, no credit check and no income verification needed.

It boggles the mind to think that a NYC Mayor would blatantly come out in public and promote more use of entitlement benefits. It would seem that he should be doing the opposite. Telling college students to apply for welfare right after they graduate is not projecting very much optimism and incentive for their future success. It also does not send a very good signal to all the employed citizens of NYC who work hard for their money, and who give lots of it back to the city.

Welcome to NYC’s, new, two-tiered society: The people who work, and the people who are told by the mayor that they do not have to work because everything is owed to them.

Socialism is alive and well and now thriving in NYC.

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Polling Site.


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