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Director Steven Spielberg is already foaming at the mouth, and every wannabe, Hollywood screenwriter is feverishly typing in the opening act of Spielberg’s new movie – after President Obama said yesterday about Hollywood: “I would like to work here.”

Wait a second, I’m confused. Does not Obama already work as an actor – like at impersonating the president of the United States? He should not even have to take a screen test to play that part; he already has that act down cold.

I can see it now – legendary, filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s next multi-trillion-dollar blockbuster gets released and is titled, “King Obama Goes To Hollywood!”

It is an instant success and is stacking up ticket sales faster than one can say, “I lost my health coverage today!”

People will quit their jobs and apply for food stamps and other entitlement benefits so they can flock to the movie theaters and see King O’s big movie début in which he plays himself.

Maybe Spielberg can title Obama’s first movie, “Robin Hood Rides Again!” It can be a story of how one black man “steals from the rich and gives to the poor.” Only in this version it is not food being stolen and shared, but rather, houses and Denalis.

This is one movie début that is sure to become a hit over in Iran. Actor Obama is already a superstar in Third-World countries. In the streets of Iran, they are already chanting. “We love O…We love O!”

And that is because Obama told them. “If you like your nuclear plutonium…you can keep your nuclear plutonium!” Rumor has it that Obama’s image is already being painted on to the cones of Iran’s nuclear, ballistic missiles with the slogan, “Israel…here I come!”

It is amazing how one man’s global fantasy can quickly become another man’s reality, but in Hollywood anything is possible. The sad part of this story, however, is that it will all be true.

Since Obama has been president, I’ve often wondered how one man can portray himself to be as Obama sees himself – as the savior of the impoverished and the re-distributor of an entire country’s massive wealth. To consider oneself as the mastermind of social, re-engineering and the architect of a dictatorship cloaked under the disguise of a democracy must be a tough act to follow.

Like I said before, anything is possible in Hollywood, especially when there are legions of Hollywood, superstar millionaires digging into their pockets to fund it all. In Hollywood, everyone wants to get in on the act, and see their name up on the big screen listed on the movie credits as producers and actors.

Maybe Obama can go into acting when he retires. He definitely will not be offered any jobs in Silicon Valley – that is for sure. In Silicon Valley, your website has to actually work before it can be put on the Internet.

I am personally cheering for Obama. I would love to go see him starring in a movie. It would be fun to see how he plays himself. It is interesting to watch someone do something – or say something – then convince everyone watching that he did not do or say that at all. For instance, when Obama said “If you like your health care coverage…you can keep your health care coverage.”

I think Obama could pull it off. He certainly has had a lot of practice and should not need any acting coaching at all. He certainly has all the Hollywood connections and does not have to worry about compromising his morals on a casting couch.

Maybe after a few years of Obama being in Hollywood they can change the gold Oscar statue – of a knight holding a Crusader’s sword – to Obama holding the American flag with the words emblazoned on it, “I came, I conquered, and I suckered them all.”

Joseph Rathjen is an Expert Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Number One Social Research Polling Site.

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