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The ObamaCare love song has been sung – and the dreams and promises that Nancy Pelosi told us were in it – are now over. Obama’s magical mystery tour to affordable healthcare has finally crashed and burned. Misery and destruction are all that is left behind. It was a fantasy from the beginning and one which has – sadly – left America’s entire healthcare system in ruins.

Thank you, President Obama…and you are right, it is all your fault!

It is always fun to say, “I told you so,” but this story is not over yet. Maybe Obama’s and the Affordable Care Act’s theme song should be…”

“Obama’s magical mystery tour Is coming to take you away…Coming to take you away…take you away!”

Take your health care away…that is!

It is amusing to watch President Obama and the entire Democratic Senate beginning to panic. It is not because they feel sad because millions of Americans have already lost their health care. No, that is not their primary concern. It is because of votes and lots of them.

American’s are angry, and lots of them are angry.

Millions of men, women and children and little babies are still getting sick but have no health care. They have no doctors to visit and no medicine and no guarantee of when they will get it back.

“If you like your healthcare…you can keep your health care.” Those were Obama’s words of guarantee to the entire country for the last three-years. Those were also the eleven words of trust he used to convince all Americans that ObamaCare would be a huge success and of which we could rely on.

He was wrong, and he lied…to all of us.

The excuses Obama used Thursday was miserable. He said he did not know and was not aware of all the serious problems the healthcare.gov Website would be having if it launched as scheduled on October 1st, 2013. He also said he did not fully understand, and did not realize the serious setbacks that would be suffered by millions of Americans once it did launch.

Why is that?

Why when Obama has the NSA reading every American’s emails and tracking their phone calls, did he not know what his very own healthcare website was doing? Does that sound reasonable? If it is so easy to find out what the German Chancellor is talking about on her private cell phone at night, why could he not find out what the healthcare.gov, Web designers were doing in his very own healthcare plan – like screwing up its website?

Is he not always informed?

I find it amusing that Obama believed that the insurance companies would not dump us all – just because he said we could keep our policies if we liked them.

Poppycock! Did Obama believe that he could wave his magic wand over the entire insurance industry, and they would follow his lead? Did Obama believe that he could revamp an entire country’s healthcare system with the swipe of a pen overnight?

Lies…lies…lies…all of it.

President Obama has taught us all a very valuable lesson here. It is a lesson that we have all learned many times before, but now one, which we can honestly say with all sincerity, is absolutely true. All politicians are liars and con men, and yes, maybe even a President of the United States can be one.

Last night, I watched a video of Oprah Winfrey saying how this country’s white voters do not give Obama the respect that he deserves. She even went so far as to say that they do so because he is black. I wonder if she expects us to use that excuse to blame Obama for letting our health care policies expire.

Sorry, Oprah…race-baiting will not work this time. Millions of Americans lost their health care plans not because Obama is black – they lost them because Obama let it happen. They lost their policies because Obama was too irresponsible and too full of self-grandiosity to get the job done properly. We had them, but now they are gone.

The quick fix, and menial proposition that Obama has declared allowing insurance companies to reinstate cancelled health policies is a useless one. It already says that it is up to the individual states and insurance companies to agree to that proposal. They have already stated they probably will not, because it will destabilize the entire insurance industry and raise premiums even higher.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us hoping for a miracle. It leaves us wondering if we’ll get our health care policies back, and will be able to purchase new ones by the end of the year. It also leaves us having to listen to hundreds of democratic politicians who will suddenly swear that they had nothing at all to do with the atrocities of ObamaCare.

The Democratic, House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi once told us about ObamaCare, “You’ll have to pass it…if you want to see what’s in it!”

Nancy, we saw what’s in it…and we do not like it! So what are you going to do for us now?


© Joseph E. Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Columnist/Staff Writer at: WomanScope NewsMagazine and 1World Online.


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