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For The Daily Prompt: The Seven Wonders

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be? 

Here’s mine:

“Two Monologues Does Not Make A Dialogue!”

Nothing is more frustrating than when two married people are trying to talk over one another – definitely a losing strategy for communication. Everyone does it though, and most of us do it very well. If you are good at it though, you can get away with quite a bit and derail that unwanted conversation your spouse is trying to have with you – in 7-words or less. Here is one example on how to be really good at it so they get frustrated quickly and drop the conversation.

Wife: Honey, did you take the garbage out?”
Husband: “What?”

Wife: “I said, did you take the garbage out?”
Husband: “Where?”

Wife Looking At You Confused: “What?”
Husband: “What did you say?”

Wife, Speaking Louder Now: “I said, DID YOU TAKE THE GARBAGE OUT?”
Husband: “Where?”

Wife: “What? What do you mean where?”
Husband: “Wherever does it go?”

Wife: “Where does what go?”
Husband: “Whatever it is you’re talking about.”

Wife Justs Stands There Perplexed, Then Says: “Are you retarded?”
Husband: “Do you think I am?”

Wife: “Do you really want me to answer that question…truthfully?”
Husband: “Yes, I do.”

Wife Just Stands There And Puts A Very Big Smile On Her Face, Then Says: “Yes, I think you are VERY retarded! How’s that for an answer?”
Husband: “Fine.. if I’m a retard how do you expect me  to take the garbage out?”

End of conversation?

Yeah… Right?


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27 thoughts on “How To Communicate With Your Spouse In Seven Words Or Less!

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  2. Hold it just a minute, I gave you a like, but if Mr. Swiss tried that on me then he would have to clear the trash off his head before carrying it out. Luckily we have job sharing at home. Trash removal is on his list. Otherwise from a neutral point of view, very well written..

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    • Hi Adrienne and thanks for stopping by. I’ve been divorced for 2-years now and of course have to do all the chores myself. For some strange reason though, chores don’t seem as hard when no one is bugging you to do them. Yes, it was an issue for me also towards the end of that 28-year marriage. It’s such a peaceful and non-stressful life now. Isn’t it?

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