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The “Prince of Darkness” returns as the mysterious and flamboyant, Alexander Grayson, who is raised back from the dead by his faithful servant. In no time, Dracula sets up shop in London’s, 1880’s, Victorian-era, to plot his revenge on a powerful and evil empire known as the Order of the Dragon. The Dragon is a ruthless and an influential, corporate entity that rules London with an iron fist, and whose ancestors, centuries before, were responsible for murdering Dracula’s wife.

Casting himself off as a scientific inventor and entrepreneur, Dracula uses geomagnetic technology to introduce a new energy source that promises to transform Europe into a new, modern era. The Order of the Dragon, however, will stop at nothing to destroy Dracula’s invention and protect their vast, financial empire.

This is certainly not the Dracula that we have come to know and love, but times change, and obviously, Dracula has to learn to change with them.

Enter Mina Murray, played by Jessica De Gouw, as the beautiful and alluring look-alike of Dracula’s dead wife. She is irresistible and the fiancé of a young, London journalist. Dracula finds her seductive and will do everything in his power to influence her into loving him, and does so by quickly befriending her boyfriend.

As the plot begins to thicken (this was only the first episode) Dracula prowls the cobblestone streets of London at night sucking the blood from the necks of beautiful and unsuspecting women. It will not be long until his stable of voluptuous, submissive, she-vampires grows and begins to carry out his destructive revenge.

The first episode was not what I had expected, even though the scenery and the fog-covered streets of London were present, as was the crusted, opulence of upper class, London society. Dracula, however, was a bit younger than what I had first envisioned. In addition, the geomagnetic, hand-held, wireless light bulb Dracula introduced at his castle’s ball in the opening scene, took me by surprise. I half-expected him to take out an iPhone or Droid out of his pocket after that and send me a text message.

Nevertheless, the blood and gore that accompanies Dracula (and the bodies) looks promising. The acting of Jonathan Rhys Meyers was good and the scenes jumped brilliantly from one to the other – great costumes too. I usually become bored quickly, but this series opener had a captivating plot, even though its concept was a bit odd. To say the least, however, it definitely has me looking for more.

Rating (on a scale of 1-10): I give it a decent 8.

© Joseph E. Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Columnist/Staff Writer for WomanScope NewsMagazine and an Opinion Writer for 1World Online.


4 thoughts on “Dracula New Series Premiere Quenches A Bite!

  1. You just have to love Drac. My father gave me the book from his school when I just about arrived at the age to read it, published around 1915 (and still exists although the covers have suffered). The story always changes a little bit. I remember Mina being rescued and cured from the fangs of Dracula, I believe she was the fiancee of Johathan Harker. Now she is Dracula’s groupie. It does not matter. I hope this series arrives in Europe.

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