It is despicable, and it is a slap in the face to every Spongebob lover and American soldier. So what if a murdered soldier, after having come home from two tours of duty in Iraq has two Spongebob Squarepants tombstones honoring her. Is that sacrilegious? Is that disgracing the cemetery or anyone else buried there? Clearly, the owners at Spring Grove Cemetery in Ohio, where 28-year-old, Army sergeant, Kimberly Walker is buried feel that it is. They ordered her parents, just one day after the tombstones were set on her grave to remove them, saying that they were inappropriate.

Have they no heart? What is even more disturbing is that the cemetery owners themselves previously approved the $13,000 tombstones order and design. One of the employees at the cemetery even helped the murdered soldier’s mother design them. Then as soon as they were delivered and installed they called her mother and told her to remove them.


What is also disturbing about their decision, is the fact that the two tombstones depict Spongebob wearing an American soldier’s Army uniform. How honorable and how befitting to Kimberly Walker who served her country well and reportedly had a life-long, fondness for Spongebob Squarepants. Her mother said she loved Spongebob and had everything in her house adorned with the beloved, Disney kids character.

Nevertheless, the tombstones are getting thrown out and evicted as if they are a disgrace to the U.S. Army, and to millions of kids around the world who go to sleep at night cuddling their Spongebob pillows and blankets.

It is reprehensible, and a sad testament to how society has evolved. In a social culture where almost anything goes, are we going to look down upon Spongebob Squarepants as something that is immoral or embarrassing? Is he not allowed to honor and salute a fallen soldier?

I always thought Spongebob was a strange character, but also an interesting one. I do not understand, however, how a sponge that lives on the ocean floor in a place called Bikini Bottom under a pineapple can offend anyone. Is there something Spongebob has done to personally offend the owners of the Spring Grove Cemetery in Ohio? Did some of them have a bad, childhood experience with Spongebob? Do they view him as a social outcast that should have cement blocks tied to him and dumped back into the ocean?

Kimberly Walker and her parents deserve better. She gave her service to her country more than once, and then died a horrendous death at the hands of a murderous boyfriend.

I do not think that the U.S. Army, and all the soldiers Walker served with over in Iraq, will be very happy with the way their fallen comrade has been treated. Who can blame them? First, America’s national monuments honoring dead soldiers were barricaded, and now one of their tombstones is being removed.

It is a disgrace, and the owners of the Spring Grove Cemetery in Ohio need to reverse their decision of asking her parents to remove the two Spongebob tombstones from the cemetery. It is the only right thing to do, and the only respectable one.


© Joseph E. Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Columnist/Staff Writer for WomanScope NewsMagazine and an Opinion Writer for 1World Online




5 thoughts on “Heartless Undertakers Order Soldier’s Spongebob Tombstone Removed From Ohio Cemetery!

  1. Well, I have seen plenty of Spongebob, and I can tell you that like Looney Tunes, it often contains something for everybody in that there is veiled adult humor mixed in with the silliness that kids love, but it is – in my opinion – far from inappropriate or embarrassing. If she wanted a Bugs Bunny tombstone, would they have done the same thing? Maybe so, maybe not. Either way, I think the disgraceful thing is that they helped it to happen and then took it back after the time and expense were taken, not to mention that this is a cemetery and not exactly a repeat business – what do they care if someone has a Spongebob tombstone? Heck, I bet it would get some kids to want to come back to visit Grandma’s grave.

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