The official NYC Police Department’s motto is “Fidelis ad Mortem” or “Faithful Unto Death.” On the side of every NYC Police vehicle, are the words “Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect.”

Those are words that have served the NYC Police Department well during its 128-year history. Although there has been several occasions when the department’s honesty and integrity has come into question, never have we seen police officers from the NYPD so blatantly ignore their commitment to the public. The biker/SUV beatdown in NYC is quickly becoming a serious blemish on the NYPD’s image, and one that could take the department years to recover.

The NY Post’s article that broke this morning only adds to the misery. With the revelation that the “undercover” cop was actually attacking the car himself with his fists is on an eyewitness video, is a bombshell. His original story that he did not want to “blow his cover” now puts the department in a precarious and embarrassing position. Do they charge that officer themselves, or spin it off by saying his actions were only a minor, misdemeanor, and not worthy of any additional charges?

Unfortunately, for the NYPD, the public may think otherwise.

When lawyers of the SUV driver view the eyewitness video showing the NYPD’s undercover officer attacking the SUV with his fists, viewers may wonder if this latest news will prompt them to consider any legal action against the NYPD itself. Certainly the public will want to know what kind of action the NYPD will take against the undercover cop for his role in the biker/SUV attack. Whatever it does, however, will be carefully scrutinized by an outraged public waiting to see if the NYPD will try to sweep this latest fiasco under the rug.

It is amusing though that no one is questioning the fact that this group of bikers were free to get so out of control. Numerous reports that they were causing havoc in the streets and on the sidewalks of NYC for most of the day have gone unanswered by the NYPD. Why were hundreds of bikers, without a permit of any kind, allowed to roam so freely and wildly on the streets of NYC and the Henry Hudson Parkway?

It has been suggested that this incident was a direct result of the federal monitoring of the NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” policy. Cops, not wanting to get caught up in a legal, profiling lawsuit, may have intentionally turned the other cheek.

“I think we all, no matter what your job is, have an obligation to help one another,’’ Mayor Bloomberg said on a radio show Monday, when he was asked a question about the undercover cop. “And if you see somebody getting beaten up, you know, let’s go jump in and stop the fight.”

Many people in NYC and across the rest of the nation feel the same way as Mayor Bloomberg. Before this latest revelation, many people were giving the undercover cop the benefit of the doubt. However, they expect that, when someone is getting beaten up, any cop within earshot of the attack should do something about it. They do not expect 5 or more cops to idly stand by and use the excuse later that they were off-duty. To do so, is a sad testament and a disgrace to the good cops who do protect and serve the public.

When the eyewitness video showing the undercover officer attacking the SUV with his fists then riding off on his motorcycle becomes public, it will change the way the citizens of NYC look at the NYPD forever.


© Joseph E. Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Columnist/Staff Writer for WomanScope NewsMagazine and an Opinion Writer for 1World Online

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