Bill Maher

Opinion is one thing, but Bill Maher’s remark about WW II Veterans, “…nobody said they were the brightest generation!” is a disgrace and demands an apology. I take a personal affront to the remark, because my father – who I loved and adored – was a WWII Veteran like so many of our fathers and grandfathers who fought and died for this country. To be exact, 291, 557 American soldiers gave their lives and another 671,846 were wounded. These brave and intelligent men did so to ensure that their children and grandchildren could live free and safe from Hitler’s nazi, tyrannical rule. When Bill Maher mocked the intelligence of WW II Veterans, he disgraced their memory and showed what a heartless, and arrogant person he can sometimes be.

HBO owes all of America an apology also. They should apologize for airing on their network such an insensitive and outrageous comment from a comedian who could never fill the boots of brave and intelligent men like World War II Veterans. They also owe an apology to every man and woman who has ever enlisted or been drafted into the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Putting on the uniform of an American soldier is not an unintelligent act, it is an act of bravery, patriotism and honor.

It is ironic that Bill Maher would mock World War II Veterans on the same week that the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. was shut down. Not only was it bad enough that veterans were turned away at the memorial, now they have to listen to Bill Maher referring to them as stupid people.

When Bill Maher mocked World War II Veterans by saying “They’re the greatest generation…nobody said they were the brightest generation,” he thought he was being clever by first offering a compliment before an insult. Maher did this purposely to cover his ass when the public shit-storm begins.

And it has.

Surely, Bill Maher will go on HBO and tell us all how we are all misconstruing his remark and how the Tea Party and all the Conservatives in America are behind this. He will probably also say that if it was not for John Boehner and the Republican party being responsible for shutting down the government, he never would have said this. This is how Maher operates – he uses clever, comic rhetoric to insult, degrade and make fun of groups of people he cannot brainwash into falling for his obnoxious, immoral and religion-bashing ideologies.

Bill Maher needs to apologize immediately for mocking all World War II Veterans. He needs to act like a man, forget about the jokes, forget about putting the blame on someone else and admit he was wrong. He also needs to stay away from the World War II Memorial and all this country’s veterans.

Bill…it is the intelligent thing to do!

© Joseph E. Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

Joseph E. Rathjen is an Opinion Columnist at WomanScope NewsMagazine and 1World Online.


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