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Opinion Published at: 1World Online
October 04, 2013

When the Surgeon General released his new anti-smoking report last March, anti-smokers rejoiced like a group of schoolchildren discovering a 10-pound candy jar. The day had finally arrived; they now had all the nuclear codes they needed to launch their ballistic missiles at America’s most despised criminal – the cigarette smoker. Never again, could there be any debate or doubt – second-hand smoking could be blamed for almost every major disease that has inflicted the human body since the tobacco plant took sprout.

No one is denying that cigarette smoking is bad for anyone, as so many other products are. The anti-smoking crusade; however, has launched into becoming something more than just a national outcry for the elimination of an unhealthy habit. It has quickly become a platform for putting cigarette smoking on the top of the list for taking away a person’s right to choose.

It is ironic, that when politicians and special-interest groups target health-threats, and the individuals involved, how they pick who to go after while blatantly ignoring other serious health concerns. Sadly, it has become all too convenient for them to target one specific group or product over another. Cigarette smokers have become the bull’s eye for anti-smoking dart-throwers who themselves actively engage in other public, health-threats.

For example, every time a city decides they need more tax dollars, they raise the tax on cigarettes, but leave other unhealthy products alone. New York City has become the perfect model for this thanks to the anti-smoking crusades of Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg.  Add that to his massive campaign for gun control and you have the two most important elements for creating the “101 Beginner’s Manual” for teaching a course called, “How Rights Are for Being Taken Away.”

Why is it that anti-smoking advocates are not complaining about the risks of medicinal marijuana? I find it amusing how they are not advertising that medical reports show that one medicinal marijuana dose contains 4-times the amount of carcinogens that one cigarette does.

It comes as no surprise that anti-smoking advocates are calling for a complete ban on smoking in all public places, including electronic cigarettes. Their latest attack on electronic cigarettes only proves that they have a deep hatred for the act of smoking itself, even after the risks of second-hand smoke has been significantly eliminated by e-cigs. Their juiced-up accusations with no medical evidence at all about the health-risks of e-cigs are unfounded and pure conjecture. Now the vapors will kill us all – second-hand-vapor (SHV).

Smoking is legal, plain and simple. I can understand eliminating it from indoor, public places, but to make it illegal in large, outdoor areas is discrimination. Second-hand smoke is no more dangerous in large, public places then your furry, little pet is that can set off my severe, seasonal allergies.

Politicians and anti-smoking advocates need to find some other group to attack – to help pay for their economic misfortunes.

© Joseph E. Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

Joseph E. Rathjen is a Columnist/Staff Writer for WomanScope NewsMagazine and an Opinion Writer for 1World Online.


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