By Joseph E. Rathjen
September 25, 2013

The National Guard needs to be sent into Chicago, because the city of Chicago is completely out of control. The east and west sides of the city are being overrun by ruthless gangs and drug dealers, little children are getting shot in the heads in basketball courts, and mothers are afraid to walk their kids to school. Unfortunately, the Chicago police and the State police, despite their relentless attempts to end it all, are losing the battle. There is only one solution – send the National Guard into Chicago and declare martial law.

Already, in this month alone, 25 people were shot and killed, 128 people were shot and wounded, and the monthly homicide rate has reached the insidious number of 32 people murdered. That is on top of the year-to-date totals (for 2013) for gun violence in Chicago that shows 277 people shot and killed, 1,427 people wounded, and the homicide level reaching 355. Chicago is like a shooting gallery gone wild, where the likes of Al Capone’s turf wars, have taken over the streets and made it too dangerous to take a leisurely stroll to the grocery store.

As a result of all this mayhem and violence, Chicago has now become the Holy Grail for stricter gun-control legislation. When 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was shot dead days after attending President Obama’s Inauguration, the President himself visited Chicago and used her death as a springboard for proposing a nation-wide ban on military-type assault weapons, background checks for gun licenses and overall, stricter gun control laws.

It is ironic, however, that this violence is happening in the very same city that has one of the nation’s toughest gun control laws. In Chicago, firearms are banned from being sold within the city limits, and there is a complete ban on assault or assault style weapons and high-capacity magazines. Why then, are shooting and murders by the use of assault style weapons and other illegal guns so prevalent in Chicago? This should offer some insight into the overall effectiveness of stricter gun laws in itself.

Tougher gun laws are good, but when is the violence going to stop in Chicago? While politicians use it as a daily excuse to push stricter gun laws, people in Chicago are still getting killed. It’s time to end the political-posturing and send an army into Chicago and sweep up all the low-life, drug-dealers and gangs who have no regard for human life. Build military-style, containment camps and throw anyone wearing a gang jacket in it and take away their illegal guns. Maybe then the kids, the mothers and their grandmothers can go to the parks and walk the streets without being murdered.

Is that too much to ask for? Is that unfair? Are too many gang members and drug-dealers going to have their constitutional rights violated? This is a war, plain and simple, in the streets of Chicago, and it is being fought among innocent civilians who are dying.

Last Thursday, a three-year-old, innocent boy was shot in the head on a basketball court and thirteen other people were shot and wounded. Most of them were innocent bystanders. While Pat Quinn, the Governor of Illinois, debates with lawmakers whether the National Guard should be utilized, inevitably more people will die. Who cares if it looks like the Chicago police or the State police are losing the battle? This is not about whether or not they are capable of ending the violence on their own – this is about preventing one more child’s life from coming to a violent end.

End the violence now; send the The National Guard into the city of Chicago!

Joseph E. Rathjen is a Columnist/Staff Writer at: WomanScope NewsMagazine and 1World Online.

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