Whining Celebrities Make Me Puke…

Published At: 1World Online

Celebrities need to stop complaining about their privacy; they should have no more rights than the rest of us. Most celebrities adore all the attention. It is only the celebrities who have been around a long time that do all the complaining. This is because they have reached the pinnacle of their careers and do not need all the attention anymore; they are already household names and demand high-paying contracts because of their personal branding.

As actors, singers, musicians and athletes début, they thirst for publicity like a desert rat pines for water. They love it when they are followed in grocery stores and gas stations. Ever see or hear new celebrities complaining that no one will leave them alone? As soon as they have babies, they are calling People Magazine and arranging multi-million dollar photo sessions a few days after the kid gets home. The sheets in their cribs have not been washed yet, but they already have bank accounts in the millions of dollars.

I agree that there are certain instances when they should have their privacy. Paparazzi that sit in trees and hide in bushes should get shot down like the slimy squirrels that they all are. If I were a celebrity, I would not want these parasites photographing me while I sunbathe naked in my backyard’s five-million-dollar pool.

Where could I possibly hide from them in my 25,000 square-foot mansion? After all, just because I made 20-million dollars that year does not mean I can afford a good perimeter alarm around my property.

In addition, celebrity parents should never be harassed when they are walking their small children to school. All kidding aside, that is a no-no.

Who gives the average Joe privacy though? As soon as you do something wrong or run over an old woman with your car (by accident) your name is plastered all over the network news and in the newspapers. We get our emails hacked, our paper mail ripped open by nosy mail carriers and all our dirty laundry reviewed by credit agencies and prospective employees.

Where are our privacy rights then?

So what makes them special? They should stop whining and hire more bodyguards. They can certainly afford it.

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