The “Sorry…I’m Busy” Excuse

By Joseph E Rathjen
(For The Daily Prompt: Sorry, I’m Busy)
September 15, 2013

It’s amazing how some people always use the excuse that they are too busy to help you, and it always seems to be the same people every time. It’s almost as if it’s a natural instinct of theirs that was given to them by God. You call them on the phone, they answer, and almost automatically it comes out of their mouth even before you are halfway finished asking them for help. “Sorry, I’m busy!” They don’t even give you the opportunity to explain to them why you need their assistance, and it would not even matter to them that your 3-month-old baby is choking on something and needs to be rushed to the hospital.

The “Sorry…I’m busy! ” people use all types of excuses to get way with helping no one. They are experts at it. They can sense right away when you call them up. Maybe its the type of distinguishing ring their phone makes when you call, or it could be the look in your eye they spot when you bump into them out in the street. It doesn’t matter how you try to disguise your plea – they can perceive it is coming.

These type of people are the most self-centered and selfish of all. They are usually the same people who will call you, knock on your door, text you and email you non-stop until you give into their menial demand for help for something they can most assuredly do themselves.

They have no conscience; it is all about them and nothing for anyone else.

Now, of course there are those people who are constantly annoying everyone to help them for nonsensical reasons. Those are the type of people who deserve to be denied, like the people who are just too lazy to give a chore an extra effort to get it done. Those are the people who you should not feel guilty about saying no to. If you don’t, then you are only enabling their laziness.

The “Sorry…I’m busy!” people, however, are gutless and have no shame. They are the type that will tell you “NO” when you are stranded with a flat tire and a bum spare on the highway. After you get it fixed, you drive past the local bar and see their car in the parking lot. They are also the same people who will tell you they cannot drive you to the store but you later see them in the same store in front of the cash register.

Although it can be aggravating, you need to try to understand them. Theirs is a world where compassion and concern for their fellow-man has no place. It is almost as if people are just inanimate objects to them, to be used like a paperclip in the drawer. For them, it is all about return with no investment.

I once heard someone say, “If you want to eat from the fruit of the tree, you have to help make it grow.” I don’t know if it matters that the same person is now in jail for money laundering, but it still sounds like good advice to me.

© Joseph E Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

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