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Patriotic Bikers Get Snubbed In Washington For 9/11

By Joseph E Rathjen
September 10th, 2013

In an atrocious slap in the face to two-million, patriotic, American bikers, the U.S. National Park Service has denied the group an event permit for Wednesday’s 9/11 victims tribute in Washington, D.C. At the same time they granted a permit to the “Million Muslim March” who are brazenly protesting the 9/11 Commission report, asking for Amendments to the Constitution giving Muslims special rights, and making it easier for Muslims to infiltrate American politics.

How dare they – the Muslims and the U.S. National Park Service!

Bureaucratic incompetence at the NPS has used the preposterous excuse that they don’t have the manpower to control the two-million-biker ride-through in Washington, D.C. They said it would cause a severe disruption of traffic both inside and outside the area around the National Mall where the Muslims themselves will be protesting, and who obtained an event permit with no problem from the NPS months ago.

Should we guess as to why?

Obviously the NPS feels that a million Muslims converging on the mall will not disrupt traffic but that the bikers will. Maybe this is because the bikers plan to wave American flags while they drive through our nation’s capital in a show of remembrance for the 3,000-plus American citizens who gave their lives on 9/11 after being savagely attacked by radical, Muslim terrorists in hijacked airplanes. Maybe certain individuals in Washington, D.C. may not like that. After all, a display of true patriotism in this country seems to be a prerequisite for having your phone tapped and your email hacked.

Even though the bikers agreed to take a route that would minimize traffic problems and promised to obey all traffic laws, they were still denied the “drive-through” permit, raising suspicion that they are being discriminated against by certain “individuals” in our government who do not want to upset the Muslim protestors, and who want to see the Muslims have their day of glory in Washington, D.C. The 2-million biker motorcade will go on as planned, according to organizers, even without the permit. Police have threatened to arrest any bikers who break the law.

Sadly, this is what our country has come to. American citizens are being denied the right to conduct an organized, peaceful, memorial-joyride through our nation’s capital, while other groups who are there to protest the American way of life are given unrestricted access. It’s despicable!

“We don’t need no stinking permit,” the biker organizers said on their Facebook site. “We have our constitutional rights and we shall ride!”

Bravo bikers…all of America agrees with you and will be riding alongside you tomorrow… let the deafening roar of your bikes be a sound that will be heard around the world forever!

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