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Anti-Smoking Nazis Discriminate In Florida!
By Joseph E Rathjen
September 08, 2013

In a move that would make NYC Mayor “Nanny” Bloomberg proud, a Florida county of commissioners has announced that if you are a smoker you cannot be hired. You can be highly qualified for the job, obese, disabled, pass a drug and an alcohol test, but if you come up positive for nicotine you are unqualified for employment or could even be fired from one.

Chalk one up for the anti-smoking establishment who views smokers as being public enemy number one comparable to the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Straight out of the Michael Bloomberg college of “rights are for being taken away,” the Flagler County BOC said, “”You have a responsibility to the public, it’s no different than doing a credit check on people handling money. … In this case, it’s a tobacco check.”

Smoking prohibition is starting to rear its ugly head.

That’s an analogy similar to saying if an employee is twenty-pounds overweight he could suddenly have a heart attack and die – so he cannot get hired or let’s fire him.

Florida’s ACLU feels differently and says that Flagler County’s anti-smoking policy is a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment and I agree. To make matters even worse, and show a classic example of a double-standard, Joseph Mayer, who is the county’s community services director, said, “As such, the policy does not apply to our County Commission or those individuals who may run for office in the future.” Also exempt, are the current 635 employees already employed by the county.

So…if you want to run for public office in the county you can smoke and if you already work there you can smoke. But if you are a prospective or new employee after October 1st, 2013, you cannot be a smoker.


As a defense for their absurd reasoning, the county says its policy is designed towards reducing health insurance costs. According to research, smokers cost employers about $5,800 more per-year for smokers. Federal law also does not provide protection for smokers. In 1995 the Florida Supreme Court passed down a decision that said public employees have no expectation of privacy.

In an ironic twist, however, The American Lung Association is against the policy stating that it does not effectively curtail the use of tobacco products.

I find this all so amusing, because in a society liberated society such as our own, smokers continue to get over-taxed, criticized and discriminated against by the anti-smoking establishment and the politicians who shine their shoes. Do we need more schools…tax the smokers! Do we need more roads repaired…tax the smokers! Are we looking for more votes…tax the smokers!

Does the word profiling come to mind?

© Joseph Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

7 thoughts on “Anti-Smoking Nazis Discriminate in Florida!

  1. This is unreal. If they keep going with this; there won’t be any workers anymore. You smoke, not allowed to work, you are overweight, not allowed to work, you have diabetes, not allowed to work , etc…. Ugh.

  2. It’s all about the excuse to save money and practice discrimination. When it comes to healthcare costs smokers reign supreme as first strike hits. We have to have other people’s rights jammed down our throats and be forced to recognize and live with it, yet when we want to lite up we get bombarded by their double-standard rhetoric and laws.

    Thanks for commenting sweetness6645!

  3. The world has gone crazy.

    I’m surprised that more “groups” aren’t targeted … like social drinkers, or closet drug-users … or perhaps people with heart disease. Overweight people … and I’m not talking about obesity … let’s just say 20 lbs? What about people with mental health issues like depression?

    The potential list is endless …. the bottom line is this: all kinds of things can hinder productivity and “cost” an employer and the health care system … but targeting is targeting. I just wish they would stop all the legalise and mubo-jumbo about it and actually do something pro-active ….. like offer help and support.

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  5. I know it’s been almost a year, but I’m gonna bump this. Individual liberty in the hands of greedy control freaks! How did it come to this? (rhetorical; I know enough about deceitful crony methodology to recognize it)

    I’ve been in job interviews where they don’t even try to hide the “sniff-sniff-sneer” when they smell smoke on my person. No matter that in all other regards I’m being candid and polite (not to mention being qualified), no job for me!

    Not that it’s something to be taken personally. I laugh in the face of irrational sneering (when not being interviewed). But it does create utterly discriminatory barriers to pursuing my livelihood.

    It seems blatantly unethical bureaucrats have become entrenched in every level of governance, public and private (corporate hierarchy). So deeply entrenched that there’s no rooting them out without 50 others scurrying in to take their place. What bonesaw is sharp enough to remove this gangrenous limb and restore every-day liberty?

    • Well said, Ed. What I find ironic is that while we have a movement to give people more freedom sexually (gay rights) we have other movements that want to control or curtail other basic liberties. Trying to censor religion and even the right to smoke is an assault on the very same principle that is changing many laws in our country. Selective liberties at work here.

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