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The Facade of Politically Correct

(For The Daily Prompt – P.C.)
Published By: WomanScope NewsMagazine
By Joseph E Rathjen
August 11, 2013

If politicians want to survive in today’s social climate, they need to have a very good working knowledge of the term politically correct. Being politically correct, however, is not an easy skill to master. Human reaction, instincts and momentary lapses in judgement can all but destroy a politician’s reputation and future. Another problem with being politically correct is that politicians find themselves fighting an internal battle where their conscience and subconscious feelings collide. Trying to make your constituents happy while being politically correct to respect your opponent’s supporters is a bit tricky, but whoever said a politician can’t learn new tricks.

One of the more painful things to watch is a politician who has a history of bias or bigotry suddenly do a complete turnaround. They leave you wondering if the change is genuine or just a façade cleverly designed to repair their badly damaged, political reputation. Can a politician who went on record before stating that homosexuality is wrong, be truly believed when he suddenly reverses that position? Although personal changes in one’s life may be an indication of sincerity, in politics, those cases are far and few in between.

The problem with political correctness, whether it be in politics or in the private sector, is that being politically correct today has become too widely accepted, and is unfortunately, a poor substitute for honesty. There really is no way of knowing if the person’s reversal of attitude is representative of  their true personal beliefs, or if it is just a façade. Unless you have the opportunity to view that person’s behavior and deeds in a private setting, there really is no way of knowing how truthful they are being. A controlled, behavioral instinct is not a natural and truthful one.

The term “politically correct” first came about in the 1970’s and it was created to portray the concept of being “inclusive”, and to prevent certain groups, races and individuals from feeling excluded, offended or diminished. Today, however, it has become something more. It has become a standardized way to do business, win over voters and be accepted into today’s ever changing social climates. It has become the quickest and most convenient way of slapping on a new face. It has also become a weapon to be used readily for certain special interest groups who feel that they are not getting a fair deal or who are being prejudiced against.

The term “politically correct” has been publicly accepted as a synonym for the words honesty and tolerance. That’s an unfortunate occurrence, and sadly, just a convenient and dishonest one.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to make a decision between being politically correct or being truthful, ask yourself this question: Is my honesty and integrity being compromised?

Make sure you only ask yourself that question – don’t ask a politician.

© Joseph E Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

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6 thoughts on “The Facade of Politically Correct

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  4. It is absolutely unacceptable. We as a society and as individuals should strive toward transparency and honesty in public affairs and proper privacy in private ones.

    I don’t give a damn if a politician goes on record saying that he thinks “homosexuality is wrong,” makes it clear that that is his personal opinion, and also goes on record to say that he will (and DOES) vote as his constituency wishes (in this case, for same-sex marriage equality).

    In fact, even though I disagree with him personally, I would vote for this mythical politician. I have seen so many instances of officials saying one thing and voting another. It’s sickening.

    Then again, I’m mostly liberal, but believe in small government and a broad interpretration of the ‘right to bear arms,’ and want my right to privacy, so there really isn’t anyone I can vote for.

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