Colion NRA ADNRA’s Noir Ad Is Exploitative
By Joseph E Rathjen
Published By: 1WorldOnline
July 31, 2013

I’m a full supporter of the Second Amendment, and I truly believe that the persistent attempts by government to strip Americans of their constitutional right to bear arms is one step away from state-sponsored militarization. Everyone has a right to own a gun for protection and current statistics prove that the average American agrees with that viewpoint.

For example, a recent 2012 Gallup Poll shows that 43% of all households have at least one gun. Statistics show that 270-million guns are in America making its citizenship the most heavily armed in the world. So do we really need to be convincing Americans that we need to go out and buy more guns – and especially young, black men who live in high-crime, low-income, urban areas?

The NRA’s new ad campaign stinks of racial, subliminal messaging. It was the NRA themselves who supported and pushed for the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act when fears of black militancy groups sprung up across America. So why would they now be using a black spokesman like Colion Noir to convince the black man to arm himself by claiming that law enforcement cannot protect them?

Maybe it’s because the NRA knows that once Johnny Rebel sees a young black man with an automatic weapon in his hands (wearing a NY Yankees baseball cap) there’s bound to be some trouble further on down the line. That’s a sure-fire way to scare Johnny Rebel and his buddies into running out and stocking up on more guns and ammo.

Now that might not be the NRA’s true intention, but is it just coincidental that they hired Noir right after a recent Pew Survey came out showing that 68% of blacks support gun control? That’s a scary number if your organization is currently in the fight of its life for maintaining its very existence.  Although the ad aired in March, racial tensions between white and black America have risen to an all-time high, especially after the George Zimmerman/Martin Trayvon trial. The push for arming more Americans with automatic weapons should take a backseat, at least until things cool down.

I applaud the NRA’s persistence in fighting for the right of all Americans to maintain their right to bear arms, but I think in this instance their tactics and ulterior motives are questionable…if not downright exploitative.

© Joseph E Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

3 thoughts on “NRA’s Noir AD Is Exploitative

  1. “The NRA’s new ad campaign stinks of racial, subliminal messaging.”

    If someone has to resort to calling it “subliminal” then their claims are probably not very credible.

    “the NRA themselves… supported and pushed for the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act”

    Maybe so, but that was a pretty long time ago and people and organizations change and evolve.

    “racial tensions between white and black America have risen to an all-time high, …”

    I think you need to blame that on, let’s see, President Obama and the race baiters like Al Sharpton and many lowlifes in the media who found the Zimmerman trial to be their favorite three ring circus.


  2. P.S. Noir is great! Funny as hell too. I am not sure he is “aimed” at getting to black people as much as he is aimed to getting under the skin of liberal white people. 🙂


  3. I have worked in advertising for 10-yeras, never once have I done anything subliminal, I wouldn’t know how to do it and even if I did, it’s effectiveness is dubious.

    As for Colion Noir, he’s like a conservative Chris Rock, he’s funny, witty, and brilliant. The NRA didn’t hire him because he’s black, nor are they exploiting him. The NRA hired him because Noir became extremely popular in social media and the NRA saw a great opportunity. In other words, Noir had to earn his job, there was no affirmative action for him.

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