small blog stats imageHow To Utilize Blog Stats!

By Joseph E Rathjen
July 22, 2013

When I checked my Blog’s stats recently I found something surprising about myself. It seems that my preconceived notion to how people react to my blog posts is not what I had anticipated. Politics and writing about politics is my main passion, but my readers are telling me otherwise. I also noticed there is something else they like better about my writing – which is my humor. Of all the few categories I write in, humor came up number one straight across the board every time – no matter what the topic was.

I never fancied myself a humor writer, even though I have always been quick with a joke or an “off the cuff” remark. I always perceived my value to my readers as being part political analyst and non-mainstreamed social commentator. Now that notion may be working well at my Opinion Columns over at WomanScope NewsMagazine and 1World Online, but those are targeted readership audiences – I know what to give them and how they will react. Furthermore, magazine article writing is, in a writer’s world, all its own where making money by satisfying a pre-selected audience is priority number one.

Nevertheless, what about the casual reader, or the casual blogger or daily surfer who travels the blogosphere searching for some relief from the outside world or some inspiring moments filled with laughter or a fresh, new outlook on an amusing topic? How do I attract them? Where do I fit in there, or where did I think I would fit in?

My Blog’s stats have supplied me with an unexpected answer.

Ignoring one stat over another could have serious consequences for your blogging future. What you want readers to like, may not necessarily be, what they prefer. If you find that your blog stats are pointing in another direction, it might be because you are not listening to what they are trying to tell you.

However, this does not mean that you should stop doing what you love or what you write about – just try doing it in a different way. Since my blog stats are telling me that my humor is my number one attraction for my readers, I’ve decided to write more funny posts, but at the same time mix in more humor with my political and social commentary.

When I first tried that method, my post received 64 Comments.

So are your stats wrong? Should you ignore them or not frustrate yourself over how they read, as some people will tell you?

I personally feel that when you first start blogging, that you should use your Blog’s stats religiously. It is the one and only true indicator of how your blog is doing “right out of the gate.” No one wants to see you compromising your writer’s “voice.” No one wants to see you change what you want to write on either. Using your blogs stats, however, is an effective tool for showing you how to “navigate” your writing style in a way that appeals to more readers, thus “sucking them in” to get them to read what you want them to read.

Try it out. Take your next post (no matter what it is about) and write it in a way that will appeal to your blog stats biggest number. Add in one or two extra categories before you publish, like humor or human interest, then see what happens. Sometimes when I write a Conservative article I throw in a funny joke or a funny headline about how stupid Conservatives sometimes are and then add the “Liberal” category before I publish it… sometimes it brings me some hate mail but what liberal can’t resist a funny joke about a Conservative?

Do you get the idea?

So again, try it out, keep watching your blog stats then come back here and tell me how it worked out for you!

©Joseph E Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

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10 thoughts on “How To Utilize Blog Stats!

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  6. I started to highlight a few sentences of your post and just ended up highlighting too much. This is a great post – I am just coming up to my 1 year WP anniversary and have nearly figured out how to reply to a challenge. Stats? No problem, I use the word penis (albeit thoughtfully) every now and then. That pumps up the stats. Funny, you were stuck in my spam filter…glad I saw you.

  7. Yes, Me too Joseph, I was making the site for complaints but am now writing about things that happen to me that others might find funny. I wanted to write about politics but it sends my blood pressure off the charts, so humour is my friend. Keep writing like you write & people will come. Peace.

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