downloadHow My Grandchildren View Me

(The Daily Prompt – The Opposite)
By Joseph E Rathjen
July 14th, 2013

I often wonder how my grandchildren see me when they look at me. Do they see an old man whose time is limited, an antiquated relic who knows nothing about the outside world, and who looks like he comes from one of those old black and white movies that are on TV sometimes? Do they think I smell, you know, like all kids think old people smell, or do they just think that I’m weird, like two of my grandkids are saying in the meme above?

I dared to ask one of my granddaughters one day if she thought I was weird. It was probably a question I never should have asked. Before you ask a five-year-old a question about yourself, you have to keep in mind that little kids are usually very honest. Deadly honest. Cruelly honest. Sometimes their honesty is barbaric, in nature. But sometimes, their honesty is a joy, a relief, and a reassurance that
even though you are older now, you still have some life left in you.

This is the answer I got when I asked my granddaughter if she thought I was weird, she just smiled at me and said, “Why wouldn’t you be, grandpa!” and then she went on her merry way.

So if I’m really weird or not, I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as I fit in perfectly with what my grandchildren think I should be. If they didn’t, then I guess I would have a bigger problem…right?

He’s got a cute, little, round head…doesn’t he? Just like a little bowling ball with hair on it!

©Joseph E Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

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9 thoughts on “How My Grandchildren View Me…

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  5. Thank you for following my blog and your ‘Like’

    You’re a brave man, asking a five year old! 🙂 I think it’s one of the best answers a five year old could deliver. You’re right on target then Pop! Good one!

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