English: Paula Deen throwing out the first pit...

English: Paula Deen throwing out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals baseball game in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When A Media Lynching Goes Too Far!

Published By: LifetimePrint.com

By Joseph E Rathjen
July 5th, 2013

It is a disgrace when you see news media organizations that self-proclaim themselves to be “judge and jury” thereby leaving destroyed lives and reputations behind – all for the sake of higher news ratings.

Do the news media outlets have no conscience or journalistic pride anymore? Do they take into account the past dignity and character of the people they attack so ferociously in plain view of the public eye?

Obviously not.

Take for instance the recent, prime time “crucifixion” of Paula Deen, for her admitted usage of the “N” word. Even though this happened over 25 years ago, the news media networks have played it up as if she had uttered the “forbidden” word only yesterday.

Here is a woman loved and admired by millions around the world for over 20 years. Her syndicated, cable network cooking show on “The Food Network” has won a Daytime Emmy award and she has had fourteen cookbooks published.

The horrendous revelation, however, by a disgruntled, former employee, has caused Paula Deen to be dropped by a slew of her corporate sponsors, including companies like Target, Walmart, Kmart and Sears. She has been labeled a bigot, a racist, and a mean and unforgiving employer who treats her restaurant employees like desert rats.

I’ve never worked for Paula Deen, but I’m willing to bet she couldn’t hold a stick to a few of the mean-spirited bosses I’ve had in the past.

Are the news media organizations happy with this outcome? Do they think Paula Deen has suffered enough? Does she deserve to suffer anymore? Should tar and feathering come next?

Certainly, there are those professional, public prosecutors that are delighted to see her sizzle and burn like a shis kabab on a fiery barbecue pit. After all, what’s wrong with a little public lynching now and then?

Does the news media have the right to declare and instigate a public trial of someone on national TV? Is their slate of morality, bigotry and racism any purer than our own, or are they allowed to subscribe to a lower standard of ethics than the rest of us?

I found it amusing how night after night CNN was hosting social commentator analysis where they were discussing the privileged right and usage of the forbidden “N” word. As derogatory as it may be, and insulting to the African – American race, who gave the news media the right to op-ed licensing rights for any word’s proprietorship.

What’s going to be next, panel discussions about “Sponge Bob” and if he really is or really isn’t…you know…gay?

Journalistic morals, values and ethics, have been thrown into the trash like yesterday’s old newspaper. Character assassination, slander, accusations of racial bigotry and mudslinging are the new tools used by the media for promoting accusations of social injustices, and they do not care whom they do it to – black or white.

Indeed, the news media has become nothing more than a self-proclaimed “judge and jury” to indict anyone who does not seem to fit in with their popular, controversial views. I often wonder how half of them can look at their children at night, and feel confident about their futures.

“Guilty Until Proven Innocent” is the news media’s new motto. If you’re not with us – you’re against us…and then we’ll bury you on live TV, and have a happy life afterwards.

How civilized we have become…huh?

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