Cover of "The Devil's Rain"

Cover of The Devil’s Rain


Devils Rain PicThe Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain – and Watching Old, Scary, Black and White Movies!
By Joseph E Rathjen
June 15th, 2013

There seems to be no better way to pass away a rainy day then by watching old, black and white movies, and especially horror movies, like the ones with Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney in them. Then of course, let us not forget about those old-time classics with Vincent Price, like “The House on Haunted Hill” or “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock.

Does the movie “The Birds” ring a bell?

Yes, horror movies always mix well with a dark, gloomy and rainy day – but only black and white ones.

But why is that? Why is it that as soon as it begins to rain, we want to jump on the couch, grab a blanket, pop some popcorn, and put an old, scary, black and white movie on? Does it somehow make us feel better – about the weather, or is it because we are all a depressing lot who likes to add more doom and gloom to our already dreary day?

Think about it. As soon as it gets cloudy and dark outside, and begins to rain, we suddenly do not want to see color on our TV sets anymore, or in our movies; we only want to see black and white. Is it because the color of blood (red) in horror movies is suddenly too much for us to handle, even on a rainy day?

Then why do we put them on?

Why not slip in a DVD movie about happy things, with birds and animals and laughing children running around in a colorful, sun-filled forest on a beautiful day.

But no, instead, we head straight for the gore and the mayhem, the blood-sucking, head-chopping and knife-stabbing movie classics of long ago, and we savor them, and scramble for another one to watch before it stops raining.

Is there a psychological reason for this?

It is even better watching them when it is thundering and lightening outside. Hopefully, if we are lucky, just outside our house, a tree will get struck by a bolt of lightning and a monstrous clap of thunder will come just as someone in the movie is getting their head chopped off.

That would be cool, would it not? Thank god for the Rewind button on our remotes, we can play that part back just as the next clap of thunder is about to hit. All we have to do is count to seven – right after the lightning strikes – then press the Play button right before the big moment.

Sounds like fun, huh?  I do not know if there is a psychiatric term for why we all like to do that so much, but who cares. What else is there to do on a rainy day anyway?

I hope it rains later. I would like to watch William Shatner and Tom Skerritt fight Ernest Borgnine in the movie “The Devil’s Rain”…especially the part where Ernest Borgnine turns into a goat. Too bad the entire movie isn’t in black and white, only the beginning.

But then again

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