300px-Fugio_centThe “Mind Your Own Business” Law
(For the Daily Prompt – WordPress)
By Joseph E Rathjen
May 12th, 2013

With privacy-rights issues taking center stage these days, would it be nice if a law was passed preventing anyone from questioning you about your own personal business? I’m not talking about Fourth Amendment rights here, but rather, casual and persistent intrusion from nosy neighbors, friends, family members, employers, work colleagues and even strangers who feel they have a right to stick their nose into every facet of your personal life.

We all know someone like that…right?

It would work like this: Under the “Mind Your Own Business” law, you will have the immediate right to enact and warn anyone that they are in violation of the “MYOB’ law and that continued attempts will result in possible legal action, or in extreme cases fines or possible incarceration. Once verbally imposed, the suspect would have no choice but to “cease and desist” or rather, mind their own business.

Comments like the following below would be grounds for enactment of the warning:

  1. Why are you not at work today?
  2. Why are you wearing that?
  3. Why are you eating that?
  4. Why are you reading that?
  5.  Where were you?
  6. Where are you going?
  7. Who were you with?
  8. Why did you never tell me about that?
  9. How much money do you make?
  10. Why do you have a stupid iPhone when having a Droid is better?

Do you get the idea? The possible infractions are endless, and overwhelming to say the least.

For some strange reason, though, some people just cannot seem to mind their own business…ever. They will question you about anything and everything and at anytime, and sometimes they will even do it in front of other people. People like this have no conscience or subconscious understanding of an individual’s right to wear, eat, read, or do other things they want, without constant scrutiny and approval from others. They also do not care if the questions they are asking cause you any embarrassment or not.

I am personally getting sick and tired of answering to people about why I drive a “silly” minivan. Maybe that is because I like it.

If you were to ask a psychologist why some people are so nosy, he or she would probably ramble off a few very complicated definitions or terms, dwelling so far deep into a nosy person’s mental condition that you will have trouble understanding it all. But most of the time they will tell you, simply, that it’s because nosy people are trying to feel good about themselves, by comparing themselves to you. Some nosy people are nosy because they are trying to feel superior to you or because they are simply projecting – questioning you about things that they do themselves.

If I had the power to pass any law first, it would probably be that one.

Why? Don’t worry about it…it’s none of your business.

4 thoughts on “The “Mind Your Own Business” Law

  1. Unfortunately, what you really want is a law against stupid questions from dumb people. Alas, like the poor, the stupid will always be with us. I like the poor a lot better.

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  3. Most of those 10 questions are simply exposed today on facebook, some people care to tell you the silliest things. like that shitty batch of cumcumber water I made, unless you taste it you have no idea how yucky it is.

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