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The Boy Scouts of America’s Double Standard!
By Joseph E Rathjen
May 24, 2013

Sometimes when you try to satisfy everyone, you wind up appeasing no one and at the same time confusing everybody. This seems to be apparent with the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to allow openly gay youths into their organization. So, for clarity sake, let us reiterate their new ruling.

You can be gay before and up to the age of eighteen to join, but after that, you cannot be gay and remain.

In other words, the Boy Scouts of America do not have a problem with you being gay up to the age of eighteen, but after that, they have a MAJOR problem with it!

It would seem that “being gay” here is not the problem with the Boy Scouts of America, but rather, “when you are gay” that matters the most to them.

Are you following me?

I am not advocating gay rights for Boy Scout members in this article, in one way or the other. I am personally not gay – just in case you are wondering – and I do not usually have an opinion on gay rights in general. As far as I am concerned, you reap what you sow, so go with whatever makes you smile. Everyone has the right to be miserable, no matter what his or her sexual orientation is.

I do have a problem, though, with people and organizations that cannot seem to make up their minds and come to a decision. Saying you can join and be with us if you are gay, under the age of eighteen, but must leave if you are still gay after eighteen, however, raises an eyebrow from me.


If a young boy is gay and accepted into The Boy Scouts of America, is that because he is expected to relapse into heterosexuality when he turns eighteen? Do the higher echelons of The Boy Scouts of America know something about homosexuality that we do not know?

Or do they have a secret plan?

Just wondering…


One thought on “The Boy Scouts Gay Rule

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