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NYC’s “Sick Pay” Law Is Ill-Conceived!
By Joseph E Rathjen
May 10th, 2013 – Published by Lifetimeprint.com

The NYC Council passed a bill this week mandating that all small businesses with 15 or more employees must supply sick time pay for all of their employees. Mayor Bloomberg called the bill a “job killer.” Christine Quinn, who is the 2013 mayoral democratic front-runner and current City Council President, said “We did this in a way that was fair to small businesses.”

Thanks for worrying about what’s fair to employers Christine, while forgetting about the employees!

For once, I have to agree with Bloomberg.

Forcing small business owners to supply 5 paid sick days to each employee is the equivalent to hiring a new employee for a week for each employee you already have; so, if you have 20 employees, you could be paying out 20 more weeks of salary, with no additional production value in return.

That’s going to hurt small businesses, and their employees…big time.

Supplying sick time pay to employees is a good thing, but in this instance it will probably cause widespread job losses. Companies will have to downsize, reduce pay scales or, as Bloomberg described, “Split up into smaller companies so they can avoid the minimum number.”

One thing the bill doesn’t specify, however, is whether or not the law covers only full- time employees or part timers as well.

But I guess we all know the answer to that question, especially if you work at Walmart.

Getting a full-time job and keeping it these days is hard enough. If the law is limited to full-time employees, it won’t take long for full-time jobs to become a thing of the past.

And what about the resulting price increases for the consumer? To offset operation costs (which will include the new sick pay rule) businesses will be forced to considerably markup their products and services.

This hurts the consumer all around.  Not only will consumers be forced to pay more, but services will be cut to a minimum.  All that adds up to longer lines at the checkout counter and a reduction in services such as in-store assistance. Mayor Bloomberg has disclosed that he will try to block the bill, which takes effect next year, in court – his only recourse since the city council passed the bill with a 45-3 vote, which prevents any executive veto from the mayor’s office.

We all want to get paid for lost work time due to legitimate illnesses.  It’s only fair; we work hard for the money and deserve it.  But sometimes you have to choose between the lesser of two evils.  In this situation, a loss of sick time pay may be more beneficial then a loss of a job.

Copyright 2013 Joseph Rathjen – All Rights Reserved

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