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IT’S “WEINER” TIME! (NYC’S 2013 Mayoral Campaign)
By Joseph E Rathjen
Published May 5th, 2013 by Lifetimeprint.com

Everyone loves a “Weiner” roast, especially when you get an opportunity to roast the same “Weiner” twice! If Anthony “the crotch-texting” Weiner’s scathing criticism of mayoral candidate Christine Quinn last Tuesday was any indication of his intentions to run for mayor, hold on to your cooking utensils folks – the match is lit and the grill is getting hot!

Disgraced, Congressman Anthony Weiner held no punches when he blasted democratic mayoral candidate and front-runner Christine Quinn’s flip-flopping on political issues, and voting in favor of the extension of term limits so Mayor Bloomberg could seek a third term. “Striking down term limits…to give yourself a job and give your favorite person another term undermines the very foundation of democracy,” Weiner said recently in an interview.

“To me as a voter, it’s a deal breaker. I believe it was so offensive to democracy, so offensive to the way we view government, that you take the will of the people expressed twice and overturn it for self-interest. It’s a fair hit,” Weiner told ABC Channel 7 News.

Although many New Yorkers have expressed surprise and dismay that Weiner would consider running for mayor again after he was forced to drop out of the last mayoral race following revelations that he had tweeted photos of his crotch to a 21-year-old female, many political analysts believe he may have a decent shot at winning the election. Most of the polls currently place him in a distant 2nd behind Quinn, but way out in front of 3rd place democratic candidate Bill Deblasio.

With $4 million dollars left over from his last campaign and another $1.5 million to gain from available taxpayer campaign funds, money isn’t an issue for Weiner. Plus, many voters today appear more then happy to vote for a candidate who was previously involved in a sex scandal, viewing it not as seriously as political corruption in itself.

If past scandals are any example, they’ve proven that as long as a candidate’s spouse and their families are willing to forgive them for their personal, sexual indiscretions, then so will the voting public.

But if Weiner announces by June 10th (the official cut-off date) that he is entering the race, the campaign and the outcome of the election could change drastically. In a NYC democratic mayoral primary, if one candidate does not receive 40 percent of the vote, then a costly run-off must ensue between the top two contenders. That would put Weiner in an excellent position to give Christine Quinn a good run for her money, if not secure him the victory.

Currently, the other democratic candidates may view Weiner as a spoiler, but in terms of Weiner’s political future it may be his last chance for a comeback.

“I don’t have this burning, overriding desire to go out and run for office,” he has been quoted as saying. “But I do recognize, to some degree, it’s now or maybe never for me, in terms of running for something,” and “I want people to give me a second chance.”

So if Anthony Weiner announces (by June 10th) that he’s entering the 2013 mayoral race, then the political landscape of the campaign could change drastically, that is, as long as Weiner controls himself and refrains from tweeting any more crotch-shots of himself on Twitter.

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One thought on “It’s Weiner Time!

  1. He would be nuts to run. On the other hand, Mark Sanford did and he won reelection. That’s pretty amazing, although he didn’t have as unfortunate a last name as Mr. Weiner.

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