When Eagles Cry…
By Joseph E Rathjen
Published April 23rd, 2013 – Lifetimeprint.com

The American Bald Eagle effortlessly flies through the air. It is one of the most majestic and magnificent creatures of the sky; its beauty and strength is godly and cannot be rivaled by any other creature. That is why in 1782, the American Bald Eagle was chosen to be our country’s official emblem.  That is why it is the symbol of our freedom, our strength, our courage and our patriotism.

But the American Bald Eagle has one flaw, like most bird species of its type – it cannot cry.  It is, supposedly, emotionally detached.  At least it was, until the afternoon of April 15th, 2013, at 2:49 p.m., when it flew above the city of Boston.

At that moment, the American eagle did cry – for the first time – and its piercing shrill filled the skies like the wailing of a thousand angels; however, no one heard it because, on the ground below, the country that this majestic creature symbolizes had once again had its heart ripped apart.

Down below, all that could be heard was the echoes of screams, sirens and the sounds of chaos, mutilation and death, and the shock of the revelation that a country and its people were once again unsafe.  Freedom and security had been attacked and disfigured by an unforeseen, terrorizing force that had suddenly, and unexpectedly, pierced its country’s impenetrable barriers.

And it happened on Patriot’s Day.

As emergency responders, police, nurses, doctors and ambulances rushed to the smoke-filled cavern of Boylston Street, the eagle inched downwards, its gleaming, piercing, angry eyes inching closer to the mayhem before it.  Prior to this day, it had, on many occasions, seen its country torn apart, by gunfire, by civil grief and injustices, political dissension and separatism, and laws that questioned and put at risk its country’s liberties and values.  On one occasion it had seen its country’s two towers – which were representations of liberty, democracy and independence – crumble apart like castles in the sand.

And the eagle had hoped at that particular moment in time that it would never have to witness such sights again and questioned why it even had to watch them in the first place.

A country’s symbol isn’t supposed to see its country afflicted.  It isn’t supposed to hear the screams of agony, see the suffering of its people or witness the murder of its young.  It is supposed to see a country in harmony, one that is at peace with itself and with the world around it.

Four days later, after the screams had stopped, the eagle clutched its talons and soared back up into the sky.  The evil that had been bestowed upon its people was now gone, eradicated for the injustices it had created.  As it flew, the eagle looked back upon its land; it looked peaceful and quiet.  So the eagle stopped crying…

…but it wondered if it would ever have to cry again.

“Copyright 2013 Joseph Rathjen – All Rights Reserved”


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